• Storing electricity to accelerate the energy transition

    STOLECT is developing an innovative technology for large-scale electricity storage by thermal conversion, called Carnot battery

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  • Innovative and durable technology

    STOLECT is developing an innovative technology for large-scale electricity storage by thermal conversion, called Carnot battery

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  • Promoting the integration of renewable energies

    STOLECT converts variable renewable electricity into dispatchable electricity and thus enables the development of 100% renewable grids at the scale of industrial sites, renewable production plants or entire electrical networks

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    STOLECT has a team with proven experience in innovation, project construction in the energy sector, and a thorough knowledge of the electricity markets

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STOLECT is developing a large-scale electricity storage technology to build 100% renewable networks by turning variable renewable electricity into dispatchable electricity. This technology is an essential link in the effort to decarbonise the energy mix and support the energy transition of electricity networks and industrial companies.

STOLECT offers a breakthrough solution compared to existing technologies. The technology offers a system that is totally environmentally friendly, independent of critical metals, suitable for large-scale storage, safe, designed and manufactured in France and in Europe, and economically cost-effective.

The Technology

STOLECT is an electricity storage process based on the reversible conversion of electrical energy into thermal energy.

The conversion is done by using turbomachines to circulate air through the system.

  • In the charging phase, a compressor converts the electrical energy from the grid into heat by compressing air. This heat is then stored in natural rock (basalt) or recycled ceramics.
  • During the discharging phase, the materials give up their energy to the circulating air, which then drives a turbine, coupled to an alternator. The recovered energy is fed back into the electricity grid.

This design has many advantages:

Durable design
Cost-effective technology
Long operating life span
No location constraints
High efficiency
Modular and flexible design
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Storage, coupled with renewable generation, provides dispatchable and renewable electricity, which is essential to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels. Thus, storage is the key to assist the integration and development of renewable energies (mainly wind and solar) throughout the world and at different scales.

Large-scale storage allows to :

  • Provide dispatchable and decarbonised electricity,
  • Ensure grid stability and avoid congestion during production peaks,
  • Valorise production surpluses during periods of low consumption,
  • Take advantage of price variations on the electricity markets.

STOLECT applications can be grouped into three main categories:

Isolated areas and grid operators

STOLECT supports renewable production by storing excess production to ensure the autonomy of a non-interconnected zone, such as an island or an isolated area. STOLECT has a major impact in reducing pollution and costs generated by production means such as generators, and in improving the energy independence of these areas.

Renewable electricity producers

STOLECT allows renewable power plant operators to optimise their production profile to avoid excess production and low electricity market prices, and thus to shift or smooth out part of their production to sell it at the most interesting time.

STOLECT can also be used to optimise connection power, for example for wind repowering.

Electro-intensive industries

Industrial companies with high electricity consumption may be interested in optimising their consumption with respect to renewable energy production and market prices, in order to consume the least carbon-intensive and cheapest electricity possible. It may also be essential for some industries to secure their supply in the event of power cuts in areas where the electricity grid is weaker.

Would you like to know how cost-effective a storage system is for your application?

Please contact us to discuss the most suitable system for your needs.

Contact us

The team

Jean-François Le Romancer

PhD in energetics, IAE, IHEDN-CHEAr

José Da Silva

Sales Director
Industrial Maintenance Engineer (CNAM)

Gauthier Preux

Head of R&D
Centrale Paris Engineer, Research Master in Energy

Strategic committee




The company

STOLECT ambition is to create a new industrial value chain in the field of large-scale electricity storage, based on the know-how of French and European partners.

STOLECT relies on a team with proven experience in innovation and project construction in the energy sector and a thorough knowledge of the electricity market, as well as on a network of industrial partners with strong expertise in their respective fields.

In order to benefit from the know-how of its partners and to accelerate the implementation of the technology, STOLECT will rely on their existing production tools, before developing its own production means in a second phase.


[Recruitment] Business Developer - Executive MBA HEC - 25/09/2023

Published on 
26 September 2023
We are delighted to announce that Nils Prételat has joined STOLECT as a Business Developer. Nils is part of the Executive MBA programme at HEC Paris. Welcome aboard!

FITA - Electricity Producers Forum - Tunis - 20/09/2023

Published on 
20 September 2023
As part of the 6th edition of FITA 2023, STOLECT took part on the 20th and 21st September 2023 in the Electricity Producers Forum in Tunis, which aims to create an efficient energy transition and […]

[Recruitment] Welcome to our new Head of Engineering! - 01/09/2023

Published on 
1 September 2023
We're delighted to announce the arrival of Amélie Pouplin as Engineering Manager at STOLECT. Welcome aboard!

Senegal Meeting - ESECA - AEWEN - 03 to 07/07/2023

Published on 
7 July 2023
From 3 to 7 July 2023, STOLECT had the pleasure of presenting its massive electricity storage solution in Dakar alongside several European companies from the energy and water sectors. Two key sectors for Senegal. This […]

Rotary Bords de Seine Eco-responsible Entrepreneur Award - 26/06/2023

Published on 
26 June 2023
We would like to thank the Rotary Club Rueil Bords de Seine Service et Industrie for organising this eco-responsible company award, and the town of Rueil-Malmaison for its warm welcome. The whole team is very […]
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